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Thousand Foot Krutch
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05 May 2012

The Hunger Games trilogy

Ok! So it's here. A blog post for The Hunger Games trilogy. This will contain spoilers, so if you post anything about it being unfair to post spoilers, refrain. If you do post it, I will remove your comment. This is your warning. Read on and you will not be surprised!! I TOTALLY EXPECT SOME OUTSIDE HELP, SO POST!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so about the ending of book three. Totally AWESOME that Peeta lived and they eventually made mends. I always supported Peeta and Katniss (since Peeta didn't have any other love interest).

The epilogue was a little bit like, ugh. It sort of felt like there should be three more books, you know? Like their kids were going to do something, which would be totally rad! It didn't seem like an ending, although I'm sure the author MEANT for it to be an ending. lol.

And Peeta? Peeta was the only normal person. I want the author to rewrite the series from Peeta's point of view. That'd be sweet.

I was glad to get to the end of book three. I didn't like being a seventeen-year-old girl when I was a seventeen-year-old girl, and Katniss is like horrible. She's crazier than I remember being (she's also in the middle of a war zone).

The books actually weren't that bad. Either it was my version or the tense changes occasionally changed and then changed back. I can mostly overlook a few errors if the plot is good enough...and the plot was pretty different (kids killing kids to survive? That's pretty twist-of-topic, I think). It's not like Snow was the shining model of awesomeness, either. But Katniss, except for her sacrifice to save her sister, hardly had a firm moral backbone. Really, Peeta shine as the best character in the novels.

Ok, so everyone who usually reads my blog posts knows that I always see a religious aspect in everything. Well, did any other Christian notice that Peeta seemed like a Jesus character? He even died (temporarily) in book two! He never gave up on Katniss, just like, according to the Bible, Christ never gives up on his bridegroom. He'll always return for her, he'll always forgive her, he'll always love her.

And Christ can orchestrate our deaths, too, but He never WANTS to do that. But He can't be brainwashed to do that, it's our actions that cause our punishment.

What do you think?

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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