Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch
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04 July 2013

Remove the sticky label from anything

I hate sticky labels on plates, bowls, cups, etc. Well, here's a process to help make that easier!

Thank God for days off! Home readies do work! I wanted to get some sticky labels off my eating ware.

Well! My kitchen looks like a mini workstation! Mayo on one counter, alcohol and rag nearby, cup in the sink, and a vinegar/water mix on the back counter! But it works!

Here's the process:

1) Lather a generous amount mayo on the label's area. I made sure I couldn't see the label anymore, I put so much mayo on it. Wait 5-15 minutes (the longer, the easier it is to pick off).

2) Clean off the mayo and take off as much of the label as possible.

3) Put the piece in the vinegar/water (more vinegar than water) with the label down in the mixture. This is about 5-15 minutes too.

4) Take the piece out of the mixture. Wash off the cup in soap and water, picking pieces of the label off in the process.

5) Lather alcohol generously onto a dish rag (in my experience, it HAS to be a dish rag, I used one from the dollar store, but it must be a dish rag). Scrub the label until all the stickies are off. (The stickies may look weird and may try to come off when you touch it. Just pick it off your fingers and keep going until it's all gone. The residue will be left on your dish rag, but just throw it in the washer and it will be fine.)

6) Wash the dish with soap and water and dry it.

7) Check and make sure all the stickies are off.

8) If not, use the rag and alcohol again and repeat steps 5-7.

And there you go! A label-less dish!

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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