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Thousand Foot Krutch
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29 January 2011

Guy at Dinner

So on my college campus there is a main cafeteria. It is called Towers' Cafe. All sorts of people who attend SEMO eat there. Today I saw yet another odd person.

Now, I like to think that I am a perceptive person, although sometimes I feel I over-analyze people. But being in a career that values character development and realistic characters who COULD be the person you meet means that I have to study people carefully. And, of course, watching Criminal Minds every week does not help matters. And when the conversation does not spark my interest, people watching does. Especially people who are eating, which is creepy, I know. But actually it makes sense; they are meeting a basic survival instinct. And it makes sense that while they are eating they would be meeting other survival instincts.

Like reproduction. Which is the equivalent of sex.

SO that gets into the boy at dinner. I say boy, but really, he was a young man.

He was tall, dark, and mysterious, and I don't mean it as a joke. He had dark hair, dark eyes, dark tan skin, and seemed mysterious.

He also looked like a predator. NOT a predator like a pervert, but more like a predator who is seeking a prey, like in the wild.

Yes, he struck me as a wild animal looking for something in the wild.

But this was only when he was sitting at the table with these girls. Three, to be exact, and another one walked up and started talking to him (I think she could tell she made the wrong move about a fourth of the way into the conversation when he had this I-can't-believe-she's-here look (or it was this-might-ruin-my-chances-of-getting-laid-but-I-ought-to-be-civil look) and the other girls had crossed their arms and were looking away and seemed rather put off by the presence of the fourth girl, who did not quite fit into their little group).

He had a nice presence, cute when he smiled and walked, attractive.

Until he sat down.

I guess when he was eating he was thinking, deep down, that he would survive, but then he also wanted to have children so that he would continue to survive (that's the base instinct of guys - the need to reproduce, which makes sense, since their seed is how women's eggs become babies, and because Adam was initially charged with re-populating the world; 'multiply and fill the earth').

But he had a creepy vibe, like a predator seeking out prey. And these girls were it. (And, of course, I'm pretty sure he was sneaking glances at our table - guys who feel the need to 'spread their wild oats' typically don't care what girl it is.) But really I think they were happy prey.

Well, he sort of drove off one guy, who finally left the girl he was flirting with originally after he finished eating (clearly he was satisfied for another day). He really didn't seem like a predator, more like he was pleased he got asked to eat with them. I missed the part where the 'predator' guy came over, but since he sat down next to the other guy, I'm assuming they knew each other.

Side Note: If you go to Towers to eat alone, you better hope you find someone to sit with so you don't look awkward. Actually, in that case, you can just go sit with strangers and stare at the TV so it doesn't look as pathetic. Most likely if you profile people and find the right type, it will go off without a hitch. We would get, for just three, a six or eight seater table, and then guys would overflow their eight-person table and start sitting at ours. It's like we're in Europe; no one cares. I just eat alone at the UC; I'd never eat alone at Towers.

Of course, the predator would never seem awkward in any situation. He was the type who could eat alone and still be cool about it. But I have seen him other times, and someone always comes to sit with him. That's the good thing about fraternities, you meet endless people.

Anyway, back on topic.

So after he got rid of the other guy and had the girls to himself (he really was attentive to them, strong eye contact and stuff) they talked and laughed and had a good time. They really looked like a little clique, so I am assuming that they knew each other, or at least knew of each other. Actually, personally, it looked like a commune or a harem. No lie. But anyway, after awhile, the other girl came up and it went weird.

Then another guy, a Resident Assistant, sat himself down. Man did the predator EVER look pissed, but managed to cover it well. (I think the RA had been chatting up with one of the girls, and she turned her half-middle flirt on him, and he was probably sensing the RA as a possible competition.)

He totally threw his hand over his face and shook his head and rolled his eyes up as if he couldn't believe his - bad - luck.

I'm pretty sure he was mentally salivating. He smiled, carried on a conversation, but I saw him pick up his knife and fork and start rubbing them together. No, seriously, he looked like he was sharping the knife subconsciously while he grinned. Then he licked the leftover food he got off the knife off the fork (so maybe he just was super hungry, because he totally looked down at his plate after that, as if looking for more food and then got up again to go get some, guys can really pack food away).

So maybe it was all innocent and he was just flirting, or maybe he really is a predator. I'll never know, and if I do for sure, I'll let you all know! But remember, God can save everyone.

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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