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Thousand Foot Krutch
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22 January 2011

IS IT POSSIBLE: Finding God in "Inception" Part One

I don't always believe the people who say they can find God in anything. I do believe that as his creatures, and through His Son Jesus Christ his children, we reflect some aspects of Him. For instance, if we think, then God thinks. Same goes for everything else.

It makes sense.

I do not believe "Inception" was made with God in mind. Who would think that? First of all, think of the negative elements. To get back to reality, you have to die, basically. (And I will get into how that actually relates back to God.) And since most people aren't willing to commit suicide, someone else has to kill them. That's murder (although the movie implies it's helping them wake up). Plus, there's lots of sexual references, betrayal by spouses, killings, threats, theft, deception, lies, purposeful severing of relationships, spousal murder, and insanity. Then there's getting into people's dreams. It's weird, and although in our world seemingly impossible (at least the way DiCaprio does it), it seems wrong to manipulate people's dreams and steal ideas/thoughts/passwords from them.

And DiCaprio's character, Cobb, is the best of the best at "extracting" information from people via their dreams, along with his team, Arthur (Joseph Gordan-Levitt), Ariadne (Ellen Page), Eames and Saito. He seems to be perfectly sane - but only in his own mind. Everyone around him seems to realize he is on the brink of insanity, but only Ariadne is willing to admit it - and attempts to get everyone else to admit it, but they seem to refuse to do so. He hasn't gone crazy yet, and they are still getting paid. They simply try to ignore it, and we seem to follow their lead rather than Ariadne's. And for awhile we believe it. We believe that he can separate the dream world from the real world.

We quickly realize he isn't succeeding at it, though, and seems to be on the verge of a breakdown and a total recall into the dream world, which he seems to be attracted to and cannot separate himself from. In fact, he has apparently given up his children in order to continue his career (although the movie does not portray his separation from them in the same way; it implies that what he's done so far (people assume he killed his wife, the mother of his son James and daughter Phillipa) is the reason why he is not with his children). Still, considering his interaction with the dream world, as they call it, one wonders if it is not his love for that world that keeps him traveling and staying in there.

As for God, of course the imagination has to stretch some.

When Cobb refuses to leave the collapsing, dying world because Mal needs him, it revealed his unconditional love for her as his chosen wife, even though she had seemed to betray him and manipulate him, and destroy his life. Frequently throughout the movie it showed how much he loved his wife, and how guilty he felt because of what she did - he believed it was his fault, and it was. In the same way, Christ will not leave us, his Bride, the church, or the Jewish people, in our lost and dying world, despite how awful we have been, because he adores us. He will never stop loving us and He will never stop trying to save us. Even though it was our fault, He still paid the price to set us free - His life and His blood. He now bears our guilt and shame, and we no longer do.

Cobb is derivative from Jacob, a Biblical figure and forefather of the Jewish faith, who lied, deceived, and got rich from his deceptions. Jacob had four wives and thirteen children (twelve sons, one daughter listed in the Bible) because he had been equally cheated and deceived by his uncle and later father-in-law. Eventually Jacob finds redemption when he wrestles with God on a journey to escape Laban and re-meets his brother, who he asks forgiveness from for stealing his birthright. Although Cobb only had two children and one wife, she definitely manipulated him back, and Cobb did the same to Mal. Cobb cheated Mal out of the life she was living, and she cheated him out of his children and his grip on reality. He stole Mal's life, just like Jacob stole his brother Esau's inheritance. At the end Cobb asks Mal's forgiveness and stays behind with her. Cobb finds redemption as well.

There's soo much more. More tomorrow.

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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