Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch
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09 March 2011

Bible study plan and websites

I am going to be putting up a Bible reading plan. It will probably be a "Through the Bible in a Year." I think Christians should be reading the Bible and not just "self-help" Christian books, which are good but should not constitute building your relationship with God. These should be read in addition to the Bible (I am guilty of using them instead of the Bible). Christians should read the Bible and not just take the word of a pastor, who is a man of God and should be confirming what you learn in your personal Bible study and relationship with God. But you should go to church and hear the message and listen to your pastor and interact with your fellow brothers and sisters.

Here's websites to advance and enrich your learning environment. - I look up verses using keywords or verses; excellent reference for almost every version of the Bible in many languages. - I use this site to study with; perfect for studying the Bible. - tons of commentaries; I use this site to read commentaries when I am having trouble with understanding something, in addition to talking to my pastor. - I use this site mostly to look up words in the Greek and Hebrew (the interlinear Bible), but excellent for creating an online Bible and getting references. There's a place for notes of your own and to look at other, normal people's notes and pastors' notes as well.

The Bible study will come along shortly! Here it is: 
I am currently going through the Discipleship Journal in addition to Beth Moore's study on Seeking a Heart like His: A Study on David.

Or pick one of three plans, whichever works for you!

Here are short Bible studies to enhance your time with the Lord:

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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