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Thousand Foot Krutch
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04 February 2012

Stove Top Cooking

Well, for my third year in college, I moved into a studio flat (which is actually a room in an extended-stay hotel but studio flat sounds better, makes me feel better, and is better to explain). I do have a roommate.

Well, I originally agreed to stay in the studio flat (rented through my university) because in the picture I mistook the dishwasher for a stove (and I didn't ask anyone to explain what was in the studio flat). So I came down all excited, figuring that, since I didn't have a meal plan and would have to prepare my own food, I would have a stove. I loved baking stuff in the stove. I rarely used a stove to prepare my food back home.

Well, big shock. I had a two-burner stove - and no oven. But I did have a dishwasher (which is rather nice). Well, my brother gave me a toaster oven he wasn't using, but believe me you, that is one annoying toaster oven (I do manage to use it, though, I just have to "baby" it and watch it and everything gets burned in it because it cooks the outside first and then the inside so by the time it's all done it's pretty burnt).

I've been learning exactly what you can make with a stove.

Here's my list.

1) Grilled cheese (with or without a fried egg).

2.) Grilled turkey and cheese (no egg for me).

3.) Fried eggs (and scrambled, but I only eat scrambled eggs if I have to).

4.) Bacon (if you have a place to put the grease).

5.) All kinds of canned and frozen vegetables.

6.) Hamburger helper.

7.) Spaghetti.

8.) Rice (mine has yet to turn out right, but I know you can make it on there).

9.) Pasta Roni (all kinds).

10.) Mac and cheese.

11.) Chicken breast fillets, premade, using veggie oil.

12.) Salsa con queso, cheese dip, salsa.

13.) Soup, canned or fresh.

14.) Pancakes.

15.) Hot chocolate AND cappachino (instant).

16. Whatever you can use ground beef for.

17.) Sausage gravy.

18.) Chef boyardi ravolis.

19.) Potatoes from a box.

** Please, if possible, keep it fairly low-cost and fairly down to as few ingredients as possible. But really, whatever you come up with!

I use the microwave just as much (sometimes I buy stuff that can be microwaved).

And I use that good old toaster oven.

1.) Flameyons.

2.) Chicken breasts. 

3.) Party pizzas (big pizzas as well I guess).

4.) I will update this as I remember what I put in it.

I have some things I am going to try in the toaster oven.

1.) Muffins (muffin mix).

2.) Cookies.

3.) Chicken nuggets.

4.) Fries.

5.) Other meats.

1.) I know how to make a no-bake cheesecake.

2.) I make juice (from cans of frozen juice).

3.) Pre-packaged, no cooking involved foods like donuts, candy, ice cream, etc.

Feel free to suggest stuff on Facebook or the comment section (for the stovetop, and for the toaster oven I guess if you want).

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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