Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch
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04 November 2012

Emma kinda had true love...until August interrupted it!

Attention, please.

Henry is most likely half-human, half-fairy tale creature.

We can now assume that Mysterious Man, aka Neil Cassidy, will show up in Storybrooke someday for Emma. How delicious! I can see that scene playing out in my head already, can't wait to see what the writers come up with! Someone actually sent him a postcard letting him know that the curse was broken. Drama, please!

August promised to do it, but remember he was wooden when the curse was broken, and we never saw him un-wooden.

Plus, it was delivered via a white dove. August doesn't deal with white doves, does he? Wasn't Regina the one who threw the white dove out the window with a message? Correct me if I'm wrong, please.

Okay, my question is, since the show wants to go on that line of thinking, how did Henry get to Storybrooke? Gold can't leave, none of them can leave other than Henry, Emma, and August. Mr. Mysterious doesn't seem to know about Henry, so he's out of the question. Emma didn't drop Henry off. That leaves August. Whoosh! Which quite possibly means that August had to deal with Mr. Gold, aka Rumple, at some point. Yum!

I can't believe Emma abandoned Hook after saving him from the giant. I really can't. I suspect that means Emma's now incurred Hook's wrath, too. Hook may have been her best shot for defending the group against Cora - if he was trustworthy, which he probably isn't.

Seriously! Emma was caught stealing WATCHES! No way. NOT what I was expecting. Sheesh. Watches. Seriously?

Explains Mr. Mysterious' watch collection. It does NOT explain how he had a picture of the clock from Storybrooke in his apartment, though. Yet it relates to the overall theme of the story, time.

Did anyone notice that once those two hoodlums (Emma and Mr. Mysterious) got away from each other, their lives got better? Mr. Mysterious left Canada and moved to New York City, and Emma went to Boston. Mr. Mysterious actually loved Emma, and Emma believes - present tense because she still does - he betrayed her (can we say that the person who called on Emma was August, that snake, and can we also say that money probably didn't get to Emma).

Now who gave her the keys? I'm guessing Mr. Mysterious just couldn't stay away. Emma seemed to understand the symbol behind it. Did you see her face? Of course, Emma just found out she was pregnant and in prison. NOT a great combination. The guard didn't seem overly upset. Am I reading into her comment? "Well, when you get out, you'll have a car. And a baby." Emma got eleven months. Was she implying Emma was going to have the baby in prison, and get out soon after? Maybe Mr. Mysterious isn't really Henry's father - we don't know what kind of hanky-panky Emma was up to between the time she was arrested and the time we found out she was pregnant. Hurt people do all kinds of crazy stuff.

Well, truthfully, while I knew it was a long shot that Mr. Mysterious was actually Bae, I was quite disappointed. I want to re-meet Bae and see how he likes a world without magic (we're assuming it is this world he's in).

Did anyone notice that David seemed to know what Henry's dream was about? Snow seemed to know exactly what Aurora was dreaming about, too, and didn't look like she believed her own words about the nightmares going away.

Yup. Everyone who is given a dream spell all dream the same creepy nightmare - apparently the person staring at them is a person of the opposite sex, though. Aurora saw a man and Henry saw a woman. Ahem! Am I the only one assuming that the nightmare is really another world accessed through being given a sleeping potion? David didn't have the same nightmare because he was in acoma, not sleeping under a sleep potion/poisoning (Henry and Snow=apple, Aurora=spinning wheel, we're assuming). Soooo creepy! Just what kinds of worlds are there?

This episode opened more doors. I hope we will actually get an ending. Then again, the creators sure know how to drag something out. If they'll all dead or sleeping, Ima be pissed.

Did I miss anything from this episode?

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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