Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch
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06 February 2011

IS IT POSSIBLE: Finding God in Inception, Part Two

The concept of dreams has been around since the Earth was made.

Jacob had a vision of wrestling with God, but he was marred forever after because God touched his hip.

Joseph could interpret other people's dreams. Daniel also had this gift.

Great kings had dreams, a prophet or friend of God would come along, interpret it, and many kingdoms were spared - however temporarily - their lives.

Always God was given the glory when a dream could be interpreted by one of His people.

Dom Cobb doesn't interpret dreams - he creates dreams in order to manipulate people. He deceives them to steal information out of their heads that they wouldn't otherwise tell. He extracts information from dreams - and, as we find out, plants them.

A bit like corrupted heroes of the Bible. Daniel and Joseph could, essentially, "extract" crypted messages/information/secrets from God for people, if you look at it like that. However, they did it to help God save people.

Cobb does it for himself. He's like the patriarch Jacob was before God changed his heart.

That's the one thing Cobb's missing, in all his guilt, cheating, and suffering: God.

And morality.

Yes, he loves his children. Yes, his wife committed a grievous error. But he committed one as well, and he left his children. Surely small children cannot understand their father disappearing without a trace. They must have felt like orphans, since their mother committed suicide. Stuffed animals, as the grandfather puts it, do not make up for a father who doesn't raise his children.

Sometimes humans feel that way. They cannot understand how God can be their father, yet seem so distant. They feel orphaned, cut off from their father except for the occasional "good things." Unlike Cobb's children, though, we are responsible. We are usually the reason why we are isolated from God. He loves us and desires to be with us always (Cobb desired to be with his children as well). Still it makes a good point. It is very, very easy to get cut off from Father (God) and then to wonder when He will come back.

In our case, we should go looking for Him, and then He will find us and come to us and save us and heal us, through the Blood Jesus shed on the cross.

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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