Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch
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13 February 2011

OMG: Three Looks at the story of Perez and Zarah

Several years ago, when I was a much younger Christian, and barely knew what personal prophecies were, I met a man named Moses Vegh. He came to our church, and His message transformed my life.

I am now seeing that I am beginning to step into that prophecy, and have acted in that area for several years. I must nurture that gift.

So today I was telling the story of Judah and Tamar's twins, Perez and his younger brother Zarah to my friend. (I am a big fan of Genesis.) Zarah stuck his hand out, and the midwife tied a scarlet thread on his wrist, but then he pulled his hand back. Perez broke through and was born first, and then the baby with the scarlet thread came second. Read the complete story in Genesis 38:27-30:

By pulling his hand back and hesitating, not breaking through and pushing for his life, he lost his birthright, and his brother earned it. As a reward for breaking through, he became the ancestor of Christ, whereas it could have been Zarah's if he had tried or made more of an effort to do so. Or it should have been Zarah's, but he allowed it to pass him by.

Or we could interpret it another way.

Perhaps Perez is an example of Christ. Christ does the impossible, he breaches (a military word, goes with conquer) the barrier between God and man, and breaks through our sin and shame through His Blood and water and the birthing process to bring us new life, and becomes the firstborn son of God. Perez had received the word, "This breech be upon you!" And so it would pass onto his sons, all the way to Christ. Zarah is an example of Christians, who come out second bearing the scarlet thread, or sin. So it's a battle in our hearts to fight it, but Christ leads us into the kingdom.

Or there is a third interpretation.

Zarah is an example of Israel. They are the technical firstborns, but when they reached out for God and He went for them, they pulled away from Him, but not before He marked them. When the Israelites hesitated, Christians broke through and realized the truths of God. They did the impossible because they can now believe in God and go to heaven, which was impossible before! It startled everyone. The Israelites came second, and it is harder for them to believe, but they will come eventually! And everyone came from Judah and Tamar, because Judah was the chosen son to continue the inheritance and line of Christ.


Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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