Thousand Foot Krutch

Thousand Foot Krutch
I love this band. I listen to them daily. Even though we are looking at another camera, we all look like we're alert for it being a fan signing and it's 11:30 p.m. on a Friday.

11 May 2011


"A man only begins to live when he discovers the truth about himself" (Major Adams, Wagon Train). I know my truth: I am a child of God, meant to live in His divine image.

Man, I just realized that I am not a manual laborer. It's not that great. I wonder now about being a housewife (which I have never even considered). I intend that my husband and I will share the housework, and so help me, if that means I won't get a husband for awhile, so be it. Nor am I meant to work with people and money directly (but perhaps indirectly). I can't handle people's obsession with their money (and people ARE obsessed with their money). I doubt I'm supposed to be a businesswoman, I can't do what they do.

Praying you have faith, hope, and love always,


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